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Collaborations & Domain Expertise

In order to serve the need of our clients in a better way, we have collaborated with some of the well reputed companies. Some of them are as mentioned below:

  • Petos - Gerbera, Alstromeria
  • Bloomz - Roses, Zantedeschia
  • RIJN Plant - Holland, Anthurium
  • De Jong - Pot Lilies, Asiatic OT-Hybrids
  • Kiwi Orchids (New Zealand) - Orchids
  • Flowers and Bulbs - Tulips, Gladiolus  

Over the years of hard and dedication, we have acquired unparalleled expertise in this domain. Our main focus is to assure premium quality products to our esteem clientele. For this, we have established a modern quality checking facility at our premises. 

Our Solutions

We are known to be a well renowned business entity, having vast expertise in agri-horticulture segment. We offer Tissue Culture Plants, Organic Inputs, etc. We have a wide range of Crop Nutrition Products that ensure better crop quality as well as increased productivity. We are offering excellent solutions:

    1. Plants, Flowers & Dried – The company established its Tissue Culture Laboratory at Manesar, Gurgaon under the technical knowhow from reputed Netherlands company M/s Cultiss Holland B.V. The laboratory is accredited by Department of Biotechnology.
        a. Gerbera – 15 Varieties
        b. Anthurium
        c. Banana – G9, Nendran varieties
        d. Lilium
        e. Gladiolous
        f. Bamboo – Nutan, Balcoa varieties
        g. Cordyline
        h. Cymbidium
        i.  Zantedeshia

    2. Agrochemicals & Pesticides – Company is marketing various products under its own brand name “SHEEL”.
       a. Water Soluble Fertilisers – NPK 19:19:19, NPK 20:20:20, NPK 13:0:45 (Potassium Nitrate), NPK 0:0:50 (Potassium Sulphate), NPK 12:61:0 (Mono Ammonium Phosphate), NPK 0:52:34 (Mono Potassium Phosphate)
        b. Micronutrients – Zn EDTA 12%, Fe EDTA 12%, Boron DOT 20%, Micronutrient Mixture
        c. Organic Nutrients – Sheel Potash, Sheel Phos, Sheel Zinc, Sheel Cal Mg, Sheel NPK
        d. Bio Fertilisers – Rhizobium, Azotobacter, Zinc Mobilizing Bacteria, Potash Mobilizing Bacteria, Phosphate Solublizing Bacteria
        e. Bio Pesticides – Trichoderma Viride, Beauveria Bassiana, Verticillium Lecanii, Pseudomonas
        f. Others – Triacontanol, Neem Oil 300 PPM/1500 PPM

    3. Greenhouse Supplier – The company is actively involved in design, engineering and production of Greenhouses across the length & breadth of the country.
        a. Polyhouse
        b. Shade net house

      The above mentioned assortment is certified by INDOCERT, APEDA, Ministry of Commerce & Government of India. Moreover, Sheel Biotech Ltd. specializes in implementation of Organic Projects in different parts of India including Chhattisgarh, Kerala, Sikkim, Odisha, and Assam. Apart from this, our company has gained immense appreciation from the customer by consistently providing Organic Production Management System for wide ranges of crops.

      One of the main services offered by us includes Green House Fabrication. Green houses facilitate good crop quality and higher yield of the produce as well as ensure increased production throughout the year. We use premium grade raw materials such as poly films, laboratory chemicals, etc. Furthermore, we also offer fabrication services for the following:

      • Automated Rainout Shelter
      • Green House Fabrication
      • Glass House
      • Nursery Hardening
      • Hi-Tech Green House Fabrication
      • Naturally Ventilated Polyhouse
      • Temperature Gradient Tunnel
      • Greenhouse with Microprocessor Monitored
      • Mist chamber with Germination facility
      • Cold Room
      • Transgenic Greenhouse
      • Growth Chambers
      • Other Protected Cultivation Equipment

      Turnkey Projects

      Since the inception, we have been undertaking turnkey projects for establishing Model Nurseries, Leaf Analysis Lab, Model Floriculture Centre Plant Health Clinic, Bio Control Lab, etc. With the support of our experienced and highly qualified professionals, we have successfully complete projects such as Tissue Culture Lab Established at N.S.C. (Bhubaneshwar), Seed Processing Unit, Hajipur (Bihar), and many more across the country.

      Our turkey services include:

      • Centre of Excellence
      • Disease Forecasting Lab
      • Hi-Tech Vegetables Production Units
      • Model Floriculture Farms
      • Model Nurseries for Vegetables And Fruits
      • Plant Health Clinic & Leaf Analysis Lab
      • Post Harvest Units for Fruits/ Flowers/ Vegetables
      • Seed Processing Unit